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Rich Van Dam 

Supposedly in favor of term limits then says:

"I want to secure southern and eastern Kentucky for the next 20 years or so"

How do those two go together?


Wants to be Hal Rogers:

"I would love for Congressman Rogers to personally mentor me so the baton can be passed without losing any traction."

Just vote for Hal in that case.



Hal Rogers


Forty years and this is the third poorest district in the nation. The appropriations committee doesn't help low-wage employment or people in poverty. We all knew that though.


Below is a link to the bill Congressman Massie introduced to protect our soldiers from being forced to vaccinate.  I would have co-sponsored, Hal didn't.


Announcing the will be seeking re-election.
21 terms and 40 years is far too long.
No one should hold elected office this long, this is how we ended up where we are. 

Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Shiner, Dick Durbin, and others.

If Washington elites won't pass them and continue to ride the taxpayers back, VOTE THEM OUT!

Rogers net worth 3.8 million 

Based on the timeline and his service in the military, he has worked only FIVE years of his adult life in the private sector.  County attorney for the other years.

3.8 million..... 🤔🧐

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