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Constitutional Rights

This is probably one of the biggest issues in our country today!

The progressive, socialist, democrats are attacking our rights as free citizens. We have the greatest system of government ever conceived, and the only truly free nation on Earth!  

Our right to free speech is under attack as they try to tell us what we can not say, where and when we can protest, and with the help of Big Tech and the media combined with cancel culture, they are censoring us.

If you say build the wall you are "racist"

If you say no to "Critical Race Theory" being taught to your children. ( CRT is racism)  you are racist, and now a domestic terrorist.

If you say "America First" you're a bigot, nationalist, and fascist.

If you have ANY belief that goes against the leftist media and politics you are the enemy. 

I have already been called a boot licker, racist, fascist, fear monger because I supported and will support President Trump if he seeks re-election. Big tech also censored him. 

I believe in the 2nd amendment as written. It is not up for interpretation and is not outdated. 

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed. 


End of Discussion


Mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates should never have been a thing. A mandate is not law unless Congress passes said law.

The government does not have the right to force vaccination.  


Critical Race Theory

Stopping CRT is crucial to our freedom and bringing an end to hate and division in our country. CRT teaches children that if they are white they are guilty and somehow hurting others by way of privilege and power. If they are of color, they are somehow oppressed and kept down. It's a racist lie and I will stand against it!




Our district is the third poorest in the nation. 25% of residents live below the poverty line.   The median household income is $35,000. That's half of the national average. Congressional pay is starting at $174,000 a year. Why does our representative earn five times the amount of his constituents? How do you represent a district when you have no idea what the average person struggles with to make ends meet?

I've seen a lot of service jobs and some manufacturing here in the district but when the pay starts at $8hr in some places, poverty remains a problem.  I plan to work with state and local leaders to sell our district, this is beautiful country located just north of the south, just west of the east coast, and close to the Midwest. It makes a great location for manufacturing and corporate offices. We are far enough away from the big cities and have great beautiful nature for a relaxed environment. 

Forty years of temporary federal contract jobs and an economy that has marginally improved is not okay! 




President Obama took us on a path that hurt the people of the coal mining industry here in Kentucky.

President Trump pushed the country towards energy independence.

The socialist progressive left in Washington and President Biden are now trying to push their Green New Deal agenda.

This will undoubtedly hurt all of us as Americans and what remains of the coal industry of Kentucky.

We do NOT have the infrastructure to sustain 100% green energy and no matter what Bernie Sanders and AOCs say we won't any time soon.

I will fight alongside like-minded representatives and the up-and-coming real-world candidates to fight for energy independence.


Term Limits

We have term limits on the presidency for a reason.

What is the reason that Congress doesn't?


Long-term influence!

Career political opportunities!

Party politics and forget the people!

In the pocket of the Lobbyist!

Sitting on fat salaries at the taxpayer's expense!

There has been minimal support for term limits among members of Congress. I get it, you would have to go back to the real world. The swamp is the result of no limits.  Bernie Sanders (Never worked in the private sector.) Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hal Rogers, Joe Biden, etc.

Congressman Rogers  41 years! 

3 Terms as representative and 2 as a senator is all that should be allowed. There is support from the outsider new members and it can be done.  We have to vote out the remaining swamp creatures to get it done!

I will not serve more than 3 terms. If we still have not achieved term limits I WILL STEP DOWN! That is a promise!



The failing policies of the Biden Administration are the reason for the crunch on the people of Kentucky.  It's not transitory, COVID, Trump, or Russia. We need to loosen regulations on small business, energy, and not impose even more taxes on the corporations.  We the people will suffer higher corporate taxes. They will submit the tax but we will pay it. It will be in the store, at the gas station, and at the restaurants.  The fat cats still want to make the profit and they will at our cost.  



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